In line with our corporate goals and objectives, Stratford Learning Support Centre (SLSC) supports learners from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 5 with a focus on individual specific areas of strength and challenges.  The support is consistent with the UK national curriculum subjects and given in the form of additional learning opportunities to enhance learner achievement.

Furthermore, tuition support is individual specific and therefore the learners have their learning needs catered for in terms of their strengths and areas of challenge as identified from initial assessments tests.

The pre-university learning journey is quite challenging and therefore requires planning and the setting of goals for the individual learner, the pursuance of which should enhance learner achievement over their learning journey.

Learners have the opportunity to register for tuition support and guidance from Key Stage 2 to Key Stage 4 to prepare for their GCSEs and IGCSEs; and then register for further support to prepare them for their GCE AS and A levels.

SLSC will also provide support for learners identified as presenting with learning challenges and upon assessment will have the relevant support designed to support and enhance their access to the curriculum. The tutoring will be tailored to their specific needs to help them overcome their specific learning challenges.