Key Stage 4

Learners studying at Years 10 and 11 have the opportunity to register for bespoke tuition support and coaching to enhance their achievement at their GCSEs and IGCSEs. The support offered at this stage is more intense and prepares learners on the GCSE and IGCSE assessment expectations. Achievement at higher GCSE grades requires awareness of the examination and assessment expectations and enables the learner to focus and prepare, knowing what is required of them to achieve those higher grades. This is where our specialised tutors play a significant role in guiding and coaching learners to enhance their performance in their exams. Subjects Offered: • English • English Literature • Maths • Science • Economics • Law • Business Studies

Key Stage 5

Learners who enter the GCE A level stage have the opportunity to register for tuition support in their areas of need. This is a key pre-university learning stage and requires intensive learning and focus on learning outcomes and assessment criteria to enhance learner achievement of higher A level grades for entry to the top UK Universities. The aim therefore is to prepare learners to target those higher grades required for admission to top UK universities such as the prestigious RUSSEL Group, University Alliance (business engaged) or the Million+ (a public policy think tank made up of universities). Subjects Offered: • Maths • Physics • Chemistry • Biology • Economics • Government and Politics • Business Studies • English • English Literature • Law

Music Department

SLSC has a music department offering practical and theoretical support for learners in music specifically in relation to: • Violin • Cello • Piano • Organ • Saxophone • Trumpet The lessons will be offered at: • Beginners • Level 1 • and Level 2